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Dr. Filipov visited Deutsche Welle in Bonn

Dr. Filipov visited Deutsche Welle in Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany. It is one of the largest broadcasting organizations in the world, which is emitting news and other programs over 130 countries. Dr. Filipov met the director for foreign language program Mr. Miodrag Soric, director for South Eastern European program, Mrs. Verica Spasovska and the chef-in editor for the program on Macedonian language, Mrs. Nada Steinmann.
He discussed with them about the intellectually property rights of the producers of phonograms in their recordings as well about the broadcasters in their radio and television broadcasts.

Filipov: I want to show that a representative of the people should unite!

What after the name change?

What are the comments on the name change agreement?

Jove Kekenovski and Gjorgji Filipov on "Only the truth" TV debate

Gjorgji Filipov on the trade war USA Vs. China in Studio 1

Filipov: Both sides understude the essence of the name dispute

Svet: The Balkan is geting an empowered diplomacy offensive on eurointegration.

https://youtu.be/1kBGoj6-7Ps?t=12 https://youtu.be/rSL-7KdcjCE?t=569 https://youtu.be/AuJHxSDguUw?t=412